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The focus of this subscription is on finding stocks which  offer long term investment growth. Our research team carefully screens the businesses of companies in search of stocks that demonstrate strong fundamental characteristics and are available at a discount in relation to their intrinsic value. Read below about this subscription and the suggested asset allocation for Blue Chip Stocks in India.

  Why are blue chips considered as the best stocks for long term?

In financial terminology ‘blue chips’ refer to stocks of well recognized companies that have a strong financial position and a good earnings track record. What authenticates their status as the best stocks for long term is:

•    Their ability to generate higher than average investment return at lower than average levels of risks;

•    A track record of ‘Growth in Earnings’ in all economic environments. In other words, demonstrated ability to withstand economic slowdowns; and

•    A long record of growing dividend payments.

  Why are blue chips considered as the best stocks for long term?

About India Blue Chip Stocks – Basket composition and suggested allocation.

12 well established stocks based on cautious evaluation and refinement of Indian stock markets. Companies in this basket belong to the core sectors of the Indian economy and enjoy strong and sustainable competitive advantages (i.e. economic moats). A good long term portfolio should allocate at least 30-50% of total investable funds towards buying these large cap stocks.

  Analytical: Fundamental analysis of stocks based on financial reporting and qualitative facts to help you discover solid companies at attractive valuations.

  Logical: In a comprehensive and easy format with every detail being looked upon and updated constantly.

  Customised: Stocks in this basket are ranked based on how far their price falls below their ‘Intrinsic value’. Each Stock recommendation comes stamped with its investment time horizon and risk profile to help you plan your selection.

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