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12 small and midcap companies in India which offer huge potential for growth over a period of time.

Key traits of top midcap stocks in India:

•  Earnings growth – In the accelerating growth phase of their lifecycle.
•  Financial strength – Typically have greater liquidity and capital-raising ability than small caps.
•  Information gap – Receive less attention from analysts than large caps.
 Reduce your effort in finding tomorrows large cap companies. There are many attractive long term investment grade stocks available at very attractive prices in this space. We have consistently maintained the view that selecting these undervalued midcaps in current market environment will result in multibagger returns over the next 3-5 years.

 Value oriented model- Evaluate corporate performance and find the best Midcap stocks trading below their intrinsic value. 

 Focus on outstanding and innovative businesses models.

  Stocks in this list are constantly appraised. Enter early and buy these stocks while they are available cheap. Each Stock recommendation comes stamped with its investment time horizon and risk profile to help you plan your selection.

midcap companies in India

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