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Multibagger ideas is our focus on finding stocks which are unnoticed by the markets. Finding them at an early stage can easily give you up to 10x returns, and even higher.

  Basket Analysis (currently 5 Stocks)

       •   1 stock currently trading below Rs. 30

       •   2 stocks currently trading between  Rs. 60-100

       •   2 stock trading above Rs. 100

  Multibagger Stock Ideas – Selection criteria:

Small cap companies in India which are not overly anticipated or widely tracked. Small or even start-up companies that have a unique idea and operate in an important market can offer extremely high returns over a period of time. There can be other traits which can make a very strong case for inclusion in our list such as – a strong product patent or where the company does not face much competition in a growing or niche market. Typical considerations for indentifying Multibagger stocks in India:

       •   Out of the box idea or product

       •   The company is not very large (Market cap of less than Rs. 200 Cr)

       •   Product or idea is in a field that is likely to grow 

       •   Product patents or monopoly (or near monopoly) rights

       •   The market is not conditioned or excited about the stock

  Stocks in this basket are carefully selected from a refined list of companies with following traits:

       •   Low Market Capitalization

       •   Low Equity Base

       •   Sustainable business models

       •   Not covered by most fund houses

  High Risk high reward companies. Any Investor seeking to add balance to their portfolio should put 5-10% of their investments in these small cap companies in India.

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