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Investing PortfolioNo serious long term investor ignores the stocks we recommend in our Stock of the Month Portfolio. 

Every month we recommend ONE undervalued stock (i.e. a stock which is available at a price much less than what it is worth) to help you build a diversified portfolio of stocks. Invest a fixed amount every month in our monthly stock recommendation to start generating consistently high returns from your stock investments. Over time you will see your capital growing at an astonishing rate.

To make a balanced portfolio, we recommend stocks from a combination of large, mid and small sized companies. All you need to do is start allocating a fixed sum of money in our monthly recommendations!

Super 6 Dividend Income Stocks: Best Dividend opportunities available in the market.

For more information on selection criteria – Visit Here


Questions: Get all your market related queries and doubts answered by Rajat Sharma.

  • Which do you think is better buy right now between GMR Infra and IRB. Is it good time to buy any of these?
  • Sir, what do you think about ********, is it an operator driven stock? Can I invest in it at current price?
  • Stock broker sold my shares and charged me commission without asking me. What can I do?
  • Please advice about ITC Limited; it is down more than 3% should I buy it?
  • Blue Chip Stocks in India
    • 12 Well established companies with strong financial position and a good earnings track record.
    • Ability to generate higher than average investment return at lower than average levels of risk.
    • A track record of ‘Growth in Earnings’ in all economic environments?
    • A long record of growing dividend payments.
    • Companies in this basket belong to the core sectors of the Indian economy and enjoy strong and sustainable competitive advantages (i.e. economic moats) and are available at a discount in relation to their intrinsic value.
    • Stocks in this basket are ranked based on how far their price falls below their ‘Intrinsic value’. Each Stock recommendation comes stamped with its investment time horizon and risk profile to help you plan your selection.
  • Midcap Stocks in India
    • 12 growing midcaps that combine certain attractive qualities of both large and small companies. While large-caps offer the advantages of consistency and scale, midcaps offer ‘high growth potential’.
    • Midcaps typically receive less attention from analysts compared to large-caps. Less available research often makes active investors proactively evaluate and capitalize on the market inefficiencies which lead to cheaper valuations in these stocks.
    • Highest wealth creation potential – In our view, over the next 3-5 years, cherry picking the right midcaps will result in Multibagger return. We constantly look for:
      • Pioneering & innovative businesses.
      • Immense growth opportunities.
    • Stocks in this list are constantly appraised to select companies in their growing phase, available at low valuation. Each Stock recommendation comes stamped with its investment time horizon and risk profile to help you plan your selection.
  • Multibagger Ideas
    • 8 small-cap companies with a unique idea and a clear growing demand for their products/ services.
    • Focus on finding stocks which are unnoticed by the markets. Finding them at an early stage can easily give you up to 10x+ returns.
    • High Risk- Reward companies – Investors seeking to add balance to their portfolio should put 5-10% of their investments in these multibagger stocks.
    • Stocks in this basket are carefully selected from a refined list of undervalued companies which have: Low Market Capitalization; Low Equity Base and Sustainable business models. Each Stock recommendation comes stamped with its investment time horizon and risk profile to help you plan your selection.