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Hope you are doing fine and are taking this time to carefully look at your portfolios. Based on recent developments from the medical world, I am positive that by September, life will be back to how it was before the lockdown started. Talking about my view on stocks at this point, I believe if markets move on liquidity and liquidity alone, then current market volatility is likely to go on for a few more weeks.

This past weekend, I was thinking about how investors should navigate these times. The problem with most of us is that we are traders by mentality even if we do our best to disguise ourselves as investors. We are always looking to make the highest return even if we say otherwise. In reality, there is a formula to making a decent, ‘much higher than average rate’ to market returns.

Consider this:

For a moment, even if you manage to invest at 8500 again, what are the chances that market will not fall even lower. Also consider, if you do not invest today, what are the chances that markets will not reach 11000 by the time the world gets back to normalcy. Yes, world will be normal soon again!

By the end of 2019, it had become clear that markets were trading at extreme valuations and will have a bad fall. You did not have to predict an epidemic breakout to make a sensible decision back then. Anyways, if it were not for the epidemic, the markets would have fallen for some other reason. This fall was inevitable. Like always!

I am not saying this now.

I had the same view back in December 2019.

Here’s a link to my last 2 media interviews:

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What should you do now?

What should you do now?

On 31 March 2020, I published a model portfolio of 12 stocks (+2 special situation stocks). Here’s how much that portfolio has returned, with a breakup of how each stock has performed. I remain convinced that this portfolio will continue to outperform the market (i.e. it will fall much lesser and rise a lot more than the market). As an investor, you cannot miss out on knowing this list of (12+2) stocks.


Updated on 15th September 2020

When do you decide to buy these stocks is entirely up to you? Unfortunately, a lot of recency bias is playing out in the market.

  • Stocks that were being chased at 30-40% higher prices have bounced back from there recent lows.
  • Now they no longer look so attractive at the 30-40% discount to their December highs. Nevertheless, they should be trading much higher.

In my opinion, the best way to buy would be in a staggered manner irrespective of overall market behavior. Buying stocks in a staggered manner will make you a few percentage points higher returns than you would otherwise make with your portfolio.

Start with buying 10% today!

Further, In addition to the list of these stocks which I am happy to give at a 20% discount to the original price,

I will also give you a detailed report on 3 newly discovered potential multi-bagger stocks from the small-cap space.

If you wish to discuss anything before making a purchase, please drop in your questions directly to me at – [email protected]

I have created a portfolio of carefully selected 12 stocks which you should buy in these markets and do nothing with this portfolio for the next 5 years (Also: Includes 2 more Bonus special situation stock recommendations). Expected Return: 18% +

 CAGR for the next 5 years. In case of interest, you can purchase this portfolio here.