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6 Stocks Which Every Investor Should Add In Their Portfolio

Homestocks6 Stocks Which Every Investor Should Add In Their Portfolio

Over the past 15 days or so, we have received an overwhelming number of portfolios with list of stocks for re-balancing. Certainly this is an encouraging thing.

Naturally, it has been difficult to reply individually to all requests. I have tried to and will continue to answer clients over the course of this week. Ideally, instead of looking at markets for a 5% up or down over the next few days, in light of all that is going on, rebalance your portfolio with the next 12 – 18 months in mind.

While I am not negative on financial services, I do believe this is a sector where a lot of money has flown in after Demonetization. While the sector will fundamentally benefit from this news, I would like to reduce allocations here, in favour of stocks from the infrastructure space particularly in power and construction.

Further, while this may be a contra-call, I do believe a couple of midcap stocks in the consumer discretionary space have fallen to unreasonably low levels. While I do agree that spending on consumer stocks will reduce for this and probably for the next quarter. This is an excellent time to buy stocks in this space. I continue to be positive on Oil & Gas and Housing finance.

Based on the above here is a list of 6 stocks which every investor should add in their portfolio at current prices with the next 18 months in mind.

Potential return: To my mind, most of these stocks could give you handsome returns but instead of choosing 1-2, allocate money as suggested. Upside 30-60%.

Happy Investing!

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