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Selecting Stocks for Dividend Income and Growth

1.    Dividend Investing | Greatest Story Ever Told

 ►   Explains how dividend investing can produce consistently high and steady returns.

 ►   Why economic slowdowns provide the perfect opportunity to buy high dividend yielding stocks?

    Explaining dividend yield and a powerful dividend accumulation investment strategy. 

 ►   Discusses capital gains and other tax related consequences of dividend investing. 

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 2.    Make Sure You Claim Your Dividends

 ►   How to make sure that you receive the maximum dividend on your investment.

 ►   Clarifies the concept of Ex-dividend and Record Date & Interim vs. Final Dividend.

 ►   Instructive chart for computing dividend dates.

 ►   Case study based on 4 safe big dividend yielding companies explaining dividend traps and what not to do.

 3.    Selecting Stocks for Dividend Investing

The article lays down the principles of selecting stocks for dividend investing.

 ►   Safety of principle investment & forecasting future dividend yields – How to test sustainability of future dividend payouts?

 ►   Measuring dividend yields using the dividend payout ratio with case studies on Allahabad Bank and HCL Infosystems.