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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it important to check availability before subscribing to the Portfolio Advisory Service?

Subscribing to our service gets you a personal portfolio review from our founder Rajat Sharma. As he can only take a limited number of reviews in a month, it is best to either write in to us at [email protected] or call at 011 41517061 before subscribing.

What do I get when I subscribe to your portfolio advisory service?

After you have scheduled your appointment and subscribed to the service by making the payment of Rs.5000, you get a detailed portfolio review from our founder Rajat Sharma. You can choose to meet him in person or have a telephonic conversation. During the meeting he will get basic details from you such as your future goals, your current portfolio and your potential to invest. After this he will suggest changes to your current portfolio which will best achieve your investment goals.

How can I make payment?

After you have scheduled your appointment, you can make the payment by clicking on “Pricing” on the home page. You will then be redirected to a page which will have details of the portfolio advisory service. You can click on the button titled “Make Payment” and you will be taken to the payment gateway. Over there you can enter your basic details and then proceed to pay the amount of Rs.5000.

Do you accept Debit / Credit Cards?

Our payment gateway supports all Debit/Credit cards apart from these you can also pay via. NEFT/bank transfer, e-wallets like olamoney and freecharge, net banking and popular transfer services like BHIM UPI, PAYTM, Google Pay, PhonePe.

How many personal meetings do I get upon subscribing? Or Is there a follow up/ review meeting in the future?

Upon subscribing to the service you get only one personal meeting. In case you wish to have another meeting or a follow up/ review meeting you will have to subscribe to the service again.

What if I have already subscribed without scheduling the meeting?

In case you have subscribed to the service prior to scheduling your meeting, you can get in touch with us by either writing in to us at [email protected] or calling at 01141517061. We will help scheduling a meeting for you upon checking availability.

Will you advise me on a 100% stock portfolio?

Yes, we aim to meet your investment goals and advise you on what the best fit for you should be based on your risk profile. If after meeting, we are convinced that a 100% stock portfolio is in line with your investment goals, we will go for it.

Will you advise me on third party PMS schemes?

Yes, we review all major PMS schemes registered with SEBI and are subscribed to every major stock advisory service. We will be of great help in this area!

Can you advise me on Mutual Funds to start an SIP with?

Yes, we are registered with all mutual fund houses in India and are on top of the mutual fund marketplace. We will help you identify market leading funds in equity and debt universe based on market conditions.

Do you cover life insurance, loans and fixed deposits in your review?

Yes, during your detailed portfolio review we will take into account the life insurance products, current/future loans and current fixed deposits as well. We can help identify the best insurance and loan products according to your investment goals.

Are you registered with SEBI?

Yes, Sana Securities is a SEBI registered investment advisory firm. Our SEBI Registration No. is INA 100004608.

Do you offer ongoing portfolio advisory services?

Ongoing/ full time portfolio advisory is for clients with a minimum portfolio size of Rs.50 Lakh. In case you wish to enquire about the same, please schedule a meeting and subscribe for the portfolio review service and meet with Rajat Sharma directly.

Do I need to be invested in the market or have an existing portfolio in order to subscribe?

No, even if you are not invested in the market currently, but wish to do so, you can subscribe to our service. Our founder Rajat Sharma, will meet with you and discuss your investment goals and advise you on the best way to achieve them.

I don’t have a DEMAT account can I still subscribe to the service?

Yes. The portfolio review service is essentially a meeting to help you determine your investment goals and advising you on the best way to achieve them.

What do I get as a subscriber? Who should subscribe?

Anyone looking to profit from investing/ trading in financial market products should take advantage of our subscription.

Our advisory is based on fundamental principles and is focused towards wealth creation over a long term but more importantly, is based on client needs.

What’s your track record?

I find it important to state here that as a advisory portal; our focus is on – long term value creation. Lets say, so far none of our clients have left us. In addition, you can keep a track of our old reccommendations as a sample on this page –

How to know the intrinsic value of the recommended companies? 

We tried to answer this a few years back over here – . We do see that a lot of analysts give fixed targets. There is in fact a whole industry around this.

When we look for stocks, we try to research for those which are trading at a significant discount and will appreciate from those levels. We have made a lot of profitable calls but do not give fixed ‘price’ or ‘value’ figures. We avoid both – (i) stating a fixed intrinsic value and (ii) a future target price.

One way of calculating the intrinsic value is to use a DCF calculator. We had explained that and created a DCF calculator on this page – . This will work well for cash rich businesses and may not be of much help in case of capital intensive businesses that operate with a lot of debt.

What is the time horizon you have in mind before you change portfolio allocations?

We have stated specific time horizons for each recommendations. However, the rule to remember is “Capital will flow towards return” and when capital flows, stock prices move up. This is time tested. We find no reason to refute this principle and advocate holding on to your investments until your rational for investing is either met or becomes unviable.

What do you consider good PE and ROE?

Think of stocks as any other product you buy. How much would you pay for a shirt? Now the question is how much is a fair price for a shirt?

When you talk of stocks, you cannot know if the PE is high or low unless you compare it to the historic price, long term growth prospects, to an industry, or to the market. We prefer comparing PE to future growth prospects. There is no strict rule as to what is a good PE. It varies depending upon the industry and economic conditions. For example, technology companies generally command a higher PE than infra companies because the growth in the earnings of technology companies is much higher over a short term.

For details on this please follow the link below:

Other factors include return on equity; the company’s forward looking business plan, the company’s trend in market share, etc.

What is your criterion of stock selection? 

While this may be a very vast area to cover, we have written about this aspect in many of our blog postings. See examples below: 

We will make best efforts to reply to all your queries. Questions most asked are answered and displayed here. Others are replied to individually. 

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