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Foreign Exchange and Currency Markets

A Brief History of Money and Modern Foreign Exchange and Currency Markets

1.    Imagining Money – A brief history of Money

The article goes back in history to discover how the use of money became popular and explains why the world embraced the Gold Standard, failure of the Gold Standard. 

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 2.    Pages from History – Fast forward to the reign of the U.S. Dollar

The article examines competitive trade policies, use of currency to gain advantage in international trade and looks at the reasons for the supremacy of the U.S. Dollar and its status as a global reserve currency.

 3.    Gold vs. the U.S. Dollar

The article examines the possibility of a return to the Gold Standard and discusses its impact on the future price of gold. Will the price of gold appreciate or depreciate in future?

 4.    Basics of Foreign Exchange Markets and Currency Rate Calculations

The article explains how foreign currency rates are determined and the methodology of reading currency quotes. Majors / Minors and cross currency pairs.


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