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How we started

In December of 2011, I started sharing my analysis with some friends and colleagues and basically anyone else who wanted to hear about it. Some of the people who liked what I wrote encouraged me to start a newsletter. I will always remain thankful to them. Back then, my writings were mostly about investing in equity markets. 

Over time, I have found myself turning one part analytical, the other philosophical, remaining largely market oriented. With some luck, I was able to attract some very fine researchers to analyse the stock markets. May be for this reason, what started as a newsletter service took the shape of a bigger online portal.

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We named it Sana Securities. No, we do not know anyone named Sana. The word is an abbreviation for what I had named the newsletter – Security Analysis Network Association. Since we could not register the domain we went with making an already complex name even more mysterious. For good or bad, that’s what we are now even though people have confused us with an ATM security agency in addition to a stockbroker and a sharia compliant depository company. We remain committed to becoming none of the above.

It is difficult to write much ‘About Us’ and how we started this website. I think the best way to understand the subject is by reading some of the analysis  you will find on this site. If you enjoy the art of investing and reading about stocks, markets, economy and other related concepts, you will find this website both helpful and educating.

Prior to founding Sana Securities, I practiced as a capital markets attorney in London, Delhi and Mumbai where I advised companies and financial advisors in their capital raising efforts. I studied law at the University of Pune, and specialised in securities regulations at the New York University. In 2006, I started managing my own portfolio and in 2011, I got involved with investment operations on full time basis. This is all what I do now.

►  Academically, I studied history, law and securities regulations but never studied finance;

I am more familiar with the stock markets and finance than I am with history and law,

This has somewhat shaken my faith in traditional education;

►  I am someone who spends a lot of time reading about the economy and markets;

►  I never feel comfortable accepting conclusions,unless the idea is simple to understand;

►  I understand the English language but sometimes I think people in the financial world do extreme violence to this language in an effort to put their point across. This either complicates matters or it ensures that I do not understand what they mean. 

Research interests: Empirical analysis of equities and corporate governance.

Affiliations: Bar council of Delhi; Attorney – The state of New York; American Bar Association.

We offer many paid and free services on this site. For a list of our paid services go to ‘Products’ on top of the page. Everything else on the site is either free or it is available for a nominal fee. Do let us have your feedback in case you find any of our services expensive or undervalued.


As such, Content on this web site should not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, and/or distributed for any use without obtaining our prior written permission or that of the concerned author/analyst. However, given the nature of the World Wide Web, we realise that it would be difficult for us to discover events of plagiarism. We also believe that such a restriction could restrict in good content becoming available to a wider audience.

Accordingly, you do not need our permission and are allowed to reproduce any post in part or full provided that you do not modify the original post in any way (including the title), give credit to the post author and to Sana Securities and if the reprint is online, you either give a link or a small mention to the original post.

If you want to re-publish a portion of any article/post or alter the content in any way, please contact us at  In most instances we will approve any request within the same working day. Please Note that none of us working at Sana Securities write for or do analysis at any other firm.

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We do not purchase any financial data (or any other content) from external agencies. All financials are taken from company filings and annual reports. All calculations and results are derived in-house. In case you notice any discrepancy in anything, (including in calculation of numbers or data entry) or in case you are not convinced about the contents of any article, please do let me know by writing in at [email protected]. Our reports and results are free for you to view.