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Multibagger Idea of the Month – April 2013

Every now and then we come across companies which are operating with extreme efficiency, have good business models and will continue to generate high return for its shareholders. The challenge is always to find those out of such companies which can generate those high shareholder returns and are priced low. The refinement of this ongoing search is what establishes the concept of value investing.

Liquidity crunch or shortage of cash, bad economy, temporary setback to business or sometimes even pure sentiments can cause great businesses to become cheaper than their fair value. The fact that they will bounce back to their original price is as certain as the rise and fall of the stock market as a whole.

Sure, I am making the idea of money making sound simple, but is it that simple? The art is in finding these stocks when they fall to such levels and then it really is that simple.

What started as a late night discussion on a report which a colleague of mine produced has now turned into a full blown “BUY” call. Check out this video to find out more about our Multibagger stock idea of the month for April 2013….

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