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New Client Introduction


I am glad to have you as our new client. I am really thankful that you have chosen Sana Securities to be your trusted financial partner.

We have been helping investors maximize their wealth in stocks, mutual funds and other fixed income products for over 6 years. During this time we have consistently identified profitable investment opportunities and developed a solid reputation of dedicated client service.

If you have any questions, you can contact us anytime over email at [email protected] (1 hour reply guaranteed!). You can also call us from Monday through Friday between 9:00-6:00 p.m.

Important Information about Your Account

Within 48 hours of your account opening, you will receive a welcome email with your login details and password.

For Example:

Client code: RSJR 1267 (this is your login ID)

Password: shYJ837h 

How to buy/ sell?

You can buy/ sell online or using call & trade facility, both of which are free of cost.

(I) Transacting Online:

  1. You can login on this page –

Once inside you will reach the page below (the most used buttons are circled in green):

new client

2. Orion Lite software: You can download the desktop “Orion lite” by entering your login ID here

3.  You can also download the mobile app “Motilal Oswal Trading App” from Google play store.

All of the above are free of cost.

(II) Call & Trade: You can call the numbers below and quote your client ID to trade:

T: 91-22-39982600

T: 91-11-41517078

Where to check your holdings?

On the image above, click on “portfolio” to check your holdings.

You will also receive your trade details and portfolio holdings via email at the end of each trading day. 

About limits and margins

You can buy stocks for up to 4 times your available limit. Your available limit is visible on top left corner of the screen (see image above).

Available limit is calculated as CASH + VALUE OF YOUR HOLDINGS after haircut.

If you buy using your limit over and above the available cash, you must deposit the additional amount within T+2 days or sell an equal amount of securities to meet the deficit.

In the F&O segment, if you choose Margin Plus facility, you will get up to 4 times your available limit for Intraday trading only.

How To Deposit/ Withdraw funds

You can deposit and withdraw funds online – see the image above or you can call us on +91 11 41517078.

How To Transfer Existing Shares / Securities

If you have an existing demat account and would like to close and transfer your stock holding to this account, you will have to download and print the account closure form of your DP and send it to us along with a signed copy of your CMR for this account which you will receive in your welcome kit. 

About My Whatsaap Group

  • Once your account is active, I will include you to my whatsaap group
  • You will receive my most high conviction ideas a few hours before we make them public
  • Please do not ask any stock specific questions on the group, you are free to email me at [email protected] for such queries
  • Please maintain the sanctity of the group 

About Motilal Oswal Recommendations

Yes. In addition to our service, you will receive all research and recommendations directly from Motilal Oswal on your email and phone. Our services are an add on 🙂

Best Regards

Rajat Sharma

Rajat Sharma

CEO – Sana Securities

[email protected]

T: +91 11 41517061 – 41517078