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On this page you will find books written and published by Sana Securities. The content of these books has been drawn from our most liked blog posts. For those who may be looking for more books on finance, I have a list of personal favourites on this page – Best Finance Books of All Times

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“12 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Functioning of the Stock Markets

  • How to Start Investing in Stocks in India
  • Learn About Stock Market Basics – Indian Stock Market
  • How Share Prices Chage – Discovering the ‘Equilibrium Price’
  • Can you Buy / Sell Stocks After Market Hours?
  • Circular Trading in Stock Market
  • How do Circuit Breakers Work in The Stock Markets?
  • Futures & Options Lot Size – Margin Amount and Number of Shares
  • How Future & Options Affect Share Prices 
  • What Does Open Interest in Stock Market Indicate?
  • How Stop Loss Orders Work on Hitting Trigger Price?
  • Stock Market Operators – How do They Do It?
  • How Share Market is Used to Convert Black Money into White

 “Important Lessons in Economics

  • Evolution of Money – Use of Gold
  • Bretton Woods System – End of the Gold Standard
  • US Debt Ceiling
  • Currency Trading Basics
  • Explanation of Basic Economic Terms Used in India
  • BSE Sensex 30 vs. Economy – Wealth effect?
  • Economic Cycle and Stock Investing
  • Sector Rotation in Stock Market
  • Future Prospects of Indian Economy
  • Instruments of Monetary Policy in India
  •  Hope, Government and The Next Bull Market Rally


     “The Honest Truth

  • What is the Stock Market?
  • Why Invest – A Case for Equity Investing.
  • Why do you need to learn?
  • Do you understand your ‘Purpose’?
  • How much should you learn? 
  • Essentials of Reading.
  • You know the basics. Don’t lie to yourself.
  • Are you able to spot marketing gimmicks
  • Be realistic.
  • Afterword: Finally, simplify and take it easy.
  • About the Author – Rajat Sharma