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Stock of the Month Performance

This page shows the performance of our Stock of the Month (Investing) Portfolio.

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Note: We have advised selling some of these stocks since the date of recommendation. The performance below assumes buying and holding the stocks from the date of recommendation until today and excludes dividends received over the years:

DateCompanyRecommendation Price Current PriceGain/Loss (%)
Apr-13Firstsource Solutions10.748.40353%
May-13Himatsingka Seide34.9274.75687%
Jun-13 Colgate670.6935.0039%
Jul-13Tilaknagar Industries53.617.10-68%
Aug-13 Indian Hotels Company45.1130.50189%
Sep-13HDFC Bank616.31222.0098%
Oct-13Maral Overseas17.531.1078%
Nov-13Apollo Tyres72.2160.85123%
Dec-13Axis Bank248.2569.90130%
Feb-14Stock of the Month20.924.0015%
Mar-14Stock of the Month10.629.15175%
Apr-14Stock of the Month352.21250.00255%
May-14Stock of the Month118.4155.0031%
Jun-14Stock of the Month23.16.51-72%
Jul-14Stock of the Month24.77.95-68%
Aug-14Stock of the Month322.8172.50-47%
Sep-14Stock of the Month232.5246.356%
Oct-14Stock of the Month140.052.25-26%
Nov-14Stock of the Month287.5172.50-40%
Dec-14Stock of the Month27.021.45-21%
Jan-15Stock of the Month15.88.34-47%
Feb-15Stock of the Month8.515.8086%
Mar-15Stock of the Month117.783.90-29%
Apr-15Stock of the Month46.347.402%
May-15Stock of the Month644.0507.70-21%
Jun-15Stock of the Month2385.23217.6535%
Jul-15Stock of the Month486.0505.6048%
Aug-15Stock of the Month208.9246.3518%
Sep-15Stock of the Month35.6199.00459%
Oct-15Stock of the Month22.674.45230%
Nov-15Stock of the Month27.828.452%
Dec-15Stock of the Month1360.61576.4516%
Jan-16Stock of the MonthXXXXXXXX11%
Feb-16Stock of the MonthXXXXXXXX36%
Mar-16Stock of the MonthXXXXXXXX6%
Apr-16Stock of the MonthXXXXXXXX30%
May-16Stock of the MonthXXXXXXXX22%
Jun-16Stock of the MonthXXXXXXXX12%
Jul-16Stock of the MonthXXXXXXXX5%
    Average Return70%