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“I am fan of your stocks and follow very closely. Already my investment has returned me 30%. I totally believe in your analysis.” – Ganesh Kamath, Bangalore – 11 July 2014

 “I really like to appreciate the quality of information as well as service provided by you. I am highly satisfied with your recommendation service.”- Rajesh Jaiswal, Baroda – 14 April 2014

“I have made good returns by following your recommendations. Keep up the good work” Will definitely renew my subscription” – Nishant Malik, Amritsar – 15 March 2014

 “It’s been 6 months since I have been a subscriber to Sana Securities. Their honest, independent and consistent research on stocks is worth appreciating. It has been a “rewarding” experience for me to be associated with you.”  – Sumit Sood, Kanpur – 03 March 2014

“I find Sana Securities a good advisor who has helped me to make in well researched companies and has helped me to book handsome profit” – Jai Kumar, Hyderabad – 25 January 2014

 “I value the research and information provided by Sana Securities and it helps in my decision making.” – Prafull Kumar, Jaipur – 15 December 2013

 “I appreciate your research and unbiased opinion on stocks. Your recommendations are very good for long term future” – Vipin Soin, New Delhi –25 November 2013

 “Great site for everyone who is interested in stocks and want to learn all about stock market. Appreciate your good work.” – Sunil Shah – 16 November 2013

 “Thank you for providing such a quality & in-depth stock analysis. I have earned some decent profit on the basis of your recommendations. I am subscribed to all of your services and recommend others to join you” – Satish Saini, NewDelhi – 02 October 2013

“Strong stock selection mechanism. I am a satisfied subscriber and proud to be associated with Sana Securities. I encourage investors to join their advisory services to be an active participant in the Indian stock market.” – Parag Verma, Chennai – 14 September 2013

“Well research stocks are included in their basket. Thanks to Sana Securities, I have made a return of ~150 % in 3 months.” – Prakash Kapoor, Ludhiana – 03 September 2013

“One place to learn all about stock market. Simple yet informative. Keep up the good work. Highly recommend to all who wants to invest in stock market.” – Atul Sharma, Nagpur – 25 August 2013

“I have been associated with Sana Securities since February 2013 and highly satisfied with their services to give value to their customers.” – Shailesh Grover, Maharashtra – 16 August 2013

 “I appreciate your analysis and suggestions which you provide on a very regular basis. Subscription to your premium service is worth much more and if someone follows the advice, he is sure to earn money from the stock market. All the analyses are backed up with deep research.” – Vijay Chopra, Ludhiana – 29 July 2013 

 “Highly appreciated! Very well-researched articles and analysis. You have saved much time of investors who had to research themselves before investing in the stock market. Can completely rely on your advice. Keep up the good work” – Abhishek Kumar, Gujarat – 16 June 2013

“I am a subscriber of their subscription service. I find the research reports very extensive and helpful in analyzing my investment decisions in stock market. Thanks Sana Securities for their best efforts in guiding me to make my investment decisions” – Vipin Kapoor, Bangalore – 23 May 2013

“Sana Securities always give honest and valuable advice to its subscribers and encourage them to make proper informed decisions. Many thanks and wish them all success.” – Naveen Puri, Maharashtra – 09 May 2013

“I have been investing in the market since the last 3 years. In January 2013, I subscribed to one of their package and found their advice to be quite unbiased. I trust them because they review the performance of their recommendations timely and include high quality stocks.” – Surendra Nair, Gujarat – 14 April 2013 

“Sana Securities convey basic information to the new investors like me to take a good decision. You are doing a good job in educating the common investors who are not unable to get correct information.” – Sunil Rana, New Delhi – 06 April 2013

 “Sana Securities is the ideal place for investors. They bring significant facts for the cautious investor and make it easy to take decisions that are safe and in the interest of the investor.” – Jai Kumar, Chennai – 18 March 2013

“I follow all your stock market related posts and really found them useful to enhance my knowledge on stock market. Keep up the good work and thanks a lot.” – Pratik Pandey, Delhi – 4 March 2013

“I read the Honest Truth and realized how much I can learn by simple reading. Thank you for making me understand these basic things. I subscribed to your blue chip reports and I highly recommend this to other.” – Vikas Sharma, Pune – 25 February 2013

“Sana Securities has made me understand how ratios are calculated, can make a lot more sense of newspaper now” – Kapil Gupta, Mumbai – 09 February 2013

 “The reports are logical and helpful to investors like me in understanding the fundamental aspects of the companies. Keep up the good work” – Sumit Kumar, Mumbai – 25 January 2013

“The seminar organized by Sana Securities was simple and extremely useful for all interested on how to invest in the stock market. It gives the macro picture of the market and also caters to your micro needs. Rajat & Bibhash were particularly forthcoming in response even the most basic questions. Totally recommend for all individuals/professionals.” – Shadan Farasat LLM (Harvard), Advocate, Delhi – 04 January 2013

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About the Author

Rajat Sharma pictureRajat Sharma is a well known stock market analyst and commentator. He has covered Indian markets for over a decade and is regarded for consistently identifying early stage investment opportunities. Attorney by qualification, Rajat has done extensive work for improving corporate governance and disclosure standards.