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Company Name Date
Federal Bank For the Month of November 2017
MOIL Limited For the Month of December 2017
PTC India Limited For the Month of January 2018
ITC Limited For the Month of February 2018
Tata Motors For the Month of March 2018
Sun Pharmaceutical For the Month of April 2018
BASF India Limited For the Month of May 2018
Larsen and Toubro For the Month of June 2018
Lupin Limited For the Month of July 2018
L&T Technology Services For the Month of August 2018
Abbott India Limited For the Month of September 2018
Tata Motors For the Month of October 2018
Aurobindo Pharma For the Month of November 2018
UPL Limited For the Month of December 2018
NTPC Limited For the Month of January 2019
IDFC First Bank Limited For the Month of February 2019
  • 1 long term investment growth stock every month, that’s 12 stocks a year.
  • Stocks are selected from a universe of large and mid-cap stocks (minimum market cap of Rs 1000 Crore and above).
  • Stocks are either on high growth trajectory or are available far below their intrinsic value, often both.

Large Cap/ Blue Chip Selection Criteria and why are blue chips considered as best stocks for long term?

In financial terminology ‘blue chips’ refer to stocks of well recognized companies that have a strong financial position and a good earnings track record. What authenticates their status as the best stocks for long term is :

  • Their ability to generate higher than average investment return at lower than average levels of risks;
  • A track record of ‘Growth in Earnings’ in all economic environments. In other words, demonstrated ability to withstand economic slowdowns; and
  • A long record of growing dividend payments.


Mid Cap Selection Criteria

  • Earnings growth – In accelerating growth phase of their lifecycle.
  • Financial strength – Typically have greater liquidity and capital-raising ability than small caps.
  • Information gap – Receive less attention from analysts than large caps.
  • Research is based purely on fundamentals.
  • This section is suitable for long term investors.
  • Recommendations are made between 4PM – 6PM on any day between 1st and 6th day of each month and are disclosed on the website and sent out via email and whatsapp messaging.
  • Time horizon, profit and stop loss targets are given along with each call.
  • We recommend investing a fixed amount each month in the recommended stock. Treat it like an SIP with no commissions.

Disclaimer : Like most other services, we carefully follow what’s being recommended and bought by others. What’s different with us is that we don’t recommend based on what others are doing. You will find our recommendations different from the market. Do study reasons for our conviction carefully before investing.