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Getting to the Crux of Stock Market with Self-Learning

Self-learning is the best practice to learn about new concepts. Specially, when it comes to investing in the stock market, it becomes important to understand the basic fundamentals to decide how to invest, when to invest, & where to invest. By learning stock market, you can actually make more wiser decisions with your investments. There are several proven ways with which you can learn about some investing rules. Especially for the beginners, here are the golden tips for you to learn about making investments:

How to learn investing in Stock Market:

1. Start with learning how stock market actually works. First try to understand what stock market is all about. For this, you can go through several articles or blogs to enhance your knowlegde. Go through the newspaper and different news channels to keep an update on the stock market activity.

2. Try to understand the relation of Stock Market & Economy, as this would help you in getting updated about the functionality of the share market. Work upon self-analyzing the financial statements or valuing stocks. This would make you manage the stocks properly and would make you take better investment decisions.

3. Try to figure out the intrinsic value of share. Bring this into practice and try to calculate the value of different shares & bond; and keep following it to see the results for your calculations. This would build discipline of stock valuation in you, which is utmost important in learning about stock market investment.

4. Do screen and analyze the stock in which you have invested on periodic basis. The intrinsic value of shares goes up and down; therefore at such point, decide whether you should sell the shares or you want hold the invested position. Always try not to get influenced with the external noises and irrelevant elements that might confuse you in taking right decision.

5. Work upon taking independent decisions. You might meet failures in the beginning, but that would give you a deeper experience of the domain. For this, initially make small investments and then increase your investment amount.

These are certain ways, with which you can learn about the stock market basics on your own and get to the crux of it. Always remember that by self-learning you will be able to make profit out of your investments.