Many people look at the share market as a place for legalized gambling, where every morning people place bets and win or lose small or big amounts of money. The Honest Truth is that this is exactly what seems to be happening for many of them. At least until they get tired of betting.

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In this little E-book, I have written about The Honest Truth of Stock Investing.

Why did I title it The Honest Truth? Because it covers some of the most basic yet important lessons on investment education. Some people learn these lessons the hard way (and after losing a lot of money in the markets); some never do. These simple lessons form the contents of what we call The Honest Truth about stock investing.

    What is the Stock Market?

►    Why Invest – A Case for Equity Investing.

  ►    Why do you need to learn?

►    Do you understand your ‘Purpose’?

►    How much should you learn?

►    Essentials of Reading.

  ►    You know the basics. Don’t lie to yourself.

►    Are you able to spot marketing gimmicks?

    ►    Be realistic.

►    Afterword: Finally, simplify and take it easy.

►    About the Author – Rajat Sharma

Now, if you are absolutely determined to work 14-16 hours a day and have no social life then you may want to skip reading this book; but if you want to work stress free for let’s say 5-6 hours a day, have plenty of time to yourself for sports, cultural events and recreation and devote yourself to doing what is of interest to you, then I think you may just find “The Honest Truth of stock investing” the most important and interesting reading material in your investing life.

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