Product – Kotak Special Situations Value Strategy PMS

Benchmark – Nifty 500

Portfolio Composition – the portfolio typically consists of 15-20 stocks

Kotak Special Situations Value Strategy PMS – Investment Philosophy

The portfolio shall be a mix of Value Opportunities and Special Situations.

  • Value Opportunities – Investing in those stocks which are available at a significant discount from their current underlying values. Good quality companies will outperform the market irrespective of the sector they are in.
  • Special Situations – This is the more flavorful and interesting part of Kotak Special Situations Value Strategy PMS.
    • Special Situations are those investment operations whose results are dependent on happening or not happening of one or more corporate events rather than market events.
    • Example of Special Situations
      • Price Related – Securities bought at a discount to expected price guarantees by buyer in the form of de-listings, buy-backs, open offers, etc.
      • Merger Related – Shares can be created at a discount to current market price
      • Corporate Restructurings – Value unlocking due to corporate restructuring, assets sales, demergers, business triggers, etc.




Kotak-Special-Situations-Value-Strategy-Market-CapAs per Kotak Special Situation Value Strategy PMS Classification

  • Small Cap: below Rs. 1,500 Cr.
  • Mid Cap: above Rs. 1,500 Cr. and below Rs. 10,000 Cr.
  • Large Cap: above Rs. 10,000 Cr.

Top 10 Holdings

Company Name Weightage
Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd 11.3%
Coal India Ltd 9.5%
KRBL 6.6%
Finolex Cables Ltd 6.6%
Repco Home Finance Limited 4.7%
ICICI Bank Ltd 4.6%
Heritage Foods Limited 4.6%
Ashiana Housing Ltd 4.5%
NIIT 4.4%

Kotak Special Situation Value Strategy PMS Performance

Particulars Nifty 500 Special Situations Value
Revenue CAGR FY18-20 15.9% 18.0%
EBITDA CAGR FY18-20 13.0% 20.0%
Return on Equity FY 18 15.0% 23.0%
Net Debt/Equity FY 18 1.2 x 0.2 x
FY 20 P/E 15.7 x 1 2.5 x
% 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 2 Year
Kotak Special Situation Value Strategy PMS -4.6 -1.1 15.2 28.5
Nifty 500 -2.1 3.7 15.6 20.1
 % 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year Since Inception
Kotak Special Situation Value Strategy PMS 24.0 36.6 34.1 28.8
Nifty 500 12.0 15.9 15.4 15.6



Here’s 3 benefits of investing in this scheme through us:

[2] We don’t charge a 2.00% upfront fee for this scheme (or for any other PMS scheme) which helps the investors get maximum upside.

[3] Your Commission Structure/Management fee and all other expenses will remain same or will be lower – CALL US TO CHECK!

[4] We will also give in a free subscription to our website.

[5] A word of caution of investing in PMS Scheme stocks on your own : Trying to buy above stocks on your own could be risky. Typically, by the time the fund makes a disclosure of the stocks they are holding, these stocks have already run up by well over 5-10%. Naturally, the fund manager wants you buy it on your own to take the prices higher after he purchases. The fund may not be holding the above disclosed stocks.

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